Refractory Services

Rimcor, Inc. supplies and installs a full spectrum of refractory materials from a broad list of quality manufacturers. We can provide these materials from our large inventories for immediate delivery, or direct from the manufacturers at competitive prices.

Rimcor owns and maintains state of the art equipment necessary for safe and effective refractory removal and installation. This includes, but not limited to, ultra-high pressure refractory pumps, gunite rigs, kiln bricking rigs, power conveyors, BROKK demolition robots, hydraulic mixers, skidsteer loaders with radius buckets, and much more. This equipment and our crews remain ready for the immediate response to a customer’s call.

Rimcor can offer a complete package of quality and cost effective refractories, design, and installation services needed to suit any given situation.


Refractory Products
50% to 90% High-Alumina Brick
Fireclay Brick
Silica Brick
Insulation Brick
Basic Brick
60% to 90% High-Alumina Anchor Brick
Dense Fireclay Castables/Gun Mixes
Cement-Free Castables
Low-Cement Castables/Gun Mixes/Sprays
Ultra-Low Cement Castables
Dense Silica Castables Insulating Castables/Gun Mixes/Sprays
Basic Castables/Gun Mixes
Accelerated Heat Cure Castables
Phosphate Bonded Plastics – Rammed/Gunned
Alumina-Chrome Plastics
Air-Set Plastics – Rammed/Gunned
Silicon Carbide Plastics

Insulation Products
Ceramic Fiber Blankets
Refractory Cloth
Insulation Board
Ceramic Fiber Rope
Ceramic Fiber Paper