Shotcrete/Shotcast Services

Shotcrete and shotcast are both a vital part of our services to our customers. We own and maintain several contemporary shotcrete and shotcast rigs that remain online ready for any emergency that may arise. Numerous Rimcor innovations and improvements to the machines and techniques assure maximum production and high quality installations.

With shotcrete and shotcast construction, we can install monolithic linings for both refractory and corrosion resistant applications. This involves placement of linings utilizing refractory castables and plastics, or corrosion resistant concrete and cements in any facility, and because the shotcrete method is formless, we can perform concrete restoration to any type of structure with little or no downtime.

Shotcrete/Shotcast Products

  • Polymer Modified, Silica-Fume Enhanced Gun Mix
  • Low-Cement Gun/Spray Mixes
  • Insulating Gun/Spray Mixes
  • Sand/Cement Gun Mix
  • Phosphate-Bonded Gun Mix Plastics
  • Air-Set Gun Mix Plastics